29 - Having fun with Art

General / 30 September 2022

Hello, my dear readers, thank you for coming back for more updates on my artistic journey throughout this September.

Learning Fine Art painting from Renae Wang at New Masters Academy is surely helping me become more aware of how different lighting conditions affect the colors of skin, clothing & surrounding environment. I painted two artworks below to demonstrate my points using digital oils in Rebelle 5 Pro.

Figure in Golden Hour

Portrait in Blue Hour

I've been curious about animation and want to try to draw some frames for fun sometimes. Below is a fun animation practice session with Dong Chang on his YouTube channel. He is so good at teaching this stuff that I've decided to buy Clip Studio Paint EX (Luckily it was on 40%-off sale at that time) only because of his cool animation demonstration! 

My 4-frame Animation of Tanya the Evil

I also keep making more Anime fan arts too. It's really like 'a dream comes true' as I can apply my Fine Art knowledge to painting cute anime girls my way. I'm so glad to be able to make up colorful lights and shadows without messing up my painting.

My fan art of Sasha from 'Let You Down' MV on YouTube

Meanwhile, Rossdraws is hosting a "Draw this in your style" or DTIYS challenge on Instagram. I've watched Ross's YouTube videos for three years and I'm so glad that, now, I have managed to participate in his challenge this time. It marks the very first time I entered a DTIYS challenge ever, so that makes it super special to me!

This is my submission for Truecolors DTIYS challenge of Rossdraws on Instagram

That's all for this month. A bit of Fine Art and much Entertainment Art are surely bringing me great joy! I'm so glad that I've found my way back to the Entertainment world now. I need Fine Art knowledge for sure, but not to the extent that I will lose myself entirely and completely forget everything about video games and anime.

Thank you for reading my blog each month, my dear readers! Until next time, have fun with your journey!