22 - Human Anatomy with Rey Bustos - Part 2

General / 28 February 2022

After my previous post about studying the lower parts of the body, here comes the rest of it, unless Mr. Rey will come up with something else to finish off this 8-week Live class. What an intense month with all these strange new anatomical terms and painting work to do!

The Back

I used to learn a bit about the muscles of the back a while ago, but until now, it has finally made sense to me thanks to Mr. Rey.

The Torso

After learning the back, the front muscles start to make sense even more. Everything is connected beautifully in the human body.

Arms and Hands

This is the most mysterious part of the human body after the thigh muscles (in my opinion). It's really mind-twisting to learn all the necessary muscles in the upper arm, and especially, the forearm.

The Head

This was tricky as I was asked to do four portraits of myself. Keeping the likeness and proportions across these portraits is quite a challenging yet interesting experience though.

This is Week 6 when I'm writing this blog. So, only two more weeks of Live class with Mr. Rey on New Masters Academy. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • After what I've been through this class, I can say that learning anatomy can surely help me make better sense of the lumps and bumps on a model and on my own body.
  • However, knowing names of muscles and how they're connected will not make me a masterful artist necessarily. Learning how to control shapes (big/medium/small), colors (warms/cools), edges (hard/firm/soft/lost) and how to compose a painting can vastly affect the artistic quality of my artwork. Anatomy, then, is like the final piece of the puzzle to help finish off my artwork in the most believable or realistic way.

That's it for this month, my dear readers. Thanks for coming back and reading my thoughts each month. Writing a blog may not be as attractive as an Instagram post, for example, but I like its quietness. It gives me time to reflect upon what I've gathered along my artistic journey and to see what to explore next.

Until next time, have fun with your own journey, my dear readers!