19 - Welcome to my Playground

General / 27 November 2021

I've been practicing digital fine art for more than a year at New Masters Academy (NMA), but I've been playing video games and watching anime/animation series much longer.

I think it's time to have fun with the skills I'm gradually building! If I keep waiting until I've mastered everything that I can think of, like color theories, human anatomy, figure drawing, gesture drawing, composition ..., then I would never allow myself to have fun at all.

Thus, I've set up a Play Time section on my Website to explore the art of Arcane with my growing fine art knowledge. Because to be fair, it's the animation or game arts that triggered my inner child and have been leading me to pursue a professional art career. So, with that in mind, welcome to my playground!

[Young Ekko fan art - Netflix's animation series "Arcane"]

Fine art, nevertheless, is surely gonna take me a long time to learn, yet it's extremely rewarding. Studying from the old masters or sculptures from NMA online learning library has enabled me to create fan art in my spare time much faster, about 1-2 hours each painting. My old self a year ago would need a week and still not be able to make a decent-looking fan art. Let's face it my dear readers, the fact that the so-called "boring" fine art is building a rock-solid foundation for my art career.

[My portrait painting of Jonathan - a model from New Masters Academy]

The ability to turn a model from a reference photo into a classical look-and-feel artwork is totally a mind-blowing experience for me. I never thought that there could be a day when I was able to create such artwork by myself. Fine art training has helped me see colors and shapes so much better. This, in turn, is helping my fun-time fan art a lot.

If you're hesitating from learning fine art knowledge to create better artwork, I hope that my story here can convince you to give it a go.

I will try to post a blog once every two months from now, as I certainly need more time to learn, grow, explore, and experiment with new things.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day, everyone!