23 - Applying Human Anatomy

General / 31 March 2022

After the 8-week Human Anatomy Live Class with Rey Bustos (aka Mr. Rey as he prefers to be called) at New Masters Academy (NMA) finished about 3 weeks ago, I took a few days off to relax before coming back with some figure drawing and painting practice to finish off this month.

My creative master copy of a drawing by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon (1758 – 1823)

The above image is a female figure painting I submitted in Week 8 (final week) to receive critics from Mr. Rey. I carefully tried not to forcefully apply every muscle that I've learned onto this lovely lady.

Friday Figure Drawing with Glenn Vilppu

Since knowing more about human anatomy makes figure drawing less frightening, I decided to follow lessons from Glenn Vilppu from previous Live classes at NMA to see the improvements I can make on each figure drawing.

Female Figure Painting with Charles Hu using Zorn Limited Palette in Rebelle 5 Pro Oils pigments

In this female figure painting, I tried to paint a female figure with the color mixing knowledge that I gathered from Oil painting class from Joseph Todorovitch, Digital painting knowledge from Iliya Mirochnik and Human Anatomy from Mr. Rey. All of these have made the painting process so enjoyable and relaxing for me!

A rough muscle drawing over an anonymous master of the past to quickly review my anatomical knowledge

The time I spent learning from Mr. Rey was so helpful that even after the class is over, I'm still revisiting his lessons whenever I can. I've also ordered a hardcover book called Rey's Anatomy: Figurative Art Lessons from the Classroom on Amazon to explore this topic even further.

10-minute figure painting sessions have turned out abstractly pleasing with all this anatomical stuff in my head

I think that's all for this month, my dear readers. It has been fun to write monthly blog posts since August 2020. Thank you for coming back and reading about my humble artistic development from back then till now.

Until the end of next month, take care and have fun with your journeys!